30 Minute Workout (with Exercises)

This is a 30-minute workout but can be done in 10-minute sessions. Our total body workout will prove to be just what you need to exercise every major muscle group.

It is ideal if you can time yourself when starting this routine and try to improve on the time when you do it again. Below you will find a variety of exercises that you can alternate to make up the 10 minutes required.

Are you ready for it?

Planking: To warm up your muscles, start with a planking exercise. Lie on your stomach, then place your palms shoulder-width apart on the ground. The section between your wrist and elbow should remain flat on the floor. While squeezing your glutes, lift your body so that only the front sections of your arms and your toes are on the floor. Your shoulders and elbows should be square. Hold for the allowed seconds without letting your body droop or drop down.  Do this for at least 30 seconds, but 60 if you can.

Air squats: Pointing your toes slightly outward, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Now bend your knees as if you are going to sit down on a seat while holding your arms shoulder-height and outstretched in front of you. The weight should be in your heels. Lower yourself without letting your knees stick past your toes. Slowly come upright while squeezing your glutes and lower your arms to your sides. Repeat this fifteen times.

Lunges: stand up straight, your feet next to each other. Using your left foot, take a large step forward. Lower your upright body down so that your left knee remains above the top of your left foot. While the back of your knee hovers above the floor, bend the toes of your right foot. Remain in this position for four seconds before returning to your initial position. Now do this with the other leg and repeat the set 5 times.

Superman: this is what is known as a core exercise and will flatten your stomach and strengthen your lower back muscles in no time. For this exercise, your face should be against the floor while you lie flat on your stomach. Now raise your arms above your head and keep your legs straight. Lift your legs and arms at the same time, aiming for the ceiling. Pause for 4 seconds before lowering your limbs. If you feel discomfort in your lower back, do not raise your arms and legs as high the second time around. Repeat this ten times.

Russian twist: sit flat on the ground and after bending your knees so that your heels are about 30cm away from your bottom, lean backwards while keeping your spine straight. Now proceed to lift your feet about 5cm off the ground. If you feel like toppling over, it may help if you cross your ankles. Bend your elbows slightly, place your palms against each other, and while stretching out your arms in front of you. Lean your upper body over to your right as far as you can. Before falling over, return your upper body to the centre, and proceed to do the same to your left side. Repeat this 5 times to each side until your core is stronger where after you can increase this to 15.

Glute bridge: lie flat on your back. Pull your knees up but keep your feet flat on the floor. Now lay your arms down next to your sides, palms also flat on the floor. Raise your hips slowly making sure to keep your back straight. Your body should form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Hold it for four seconds and repeat ten times.

Wall sit: place your body about 20cm from the wall, and while facing away, lean back against the wall. Now slide your body downward in the same motion as if you are sitting down. Contracting your abs, slide down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle but they should not move past your knees.  Hold this for thirty seconds. Repeat twice.

If you prefer morning workouts to evening gym sessions, you should preferably do it before you had breakfast as it may help you burn more fat. It also has a healthy effect on your brain, and it will revitalize you significantly. With winter approaching, it is more difficult leaving home to attend a gym as your body is used to still be in bed at that time.


If you find the above routing too strenuous, try the below routine for a week or two. These exercises, although gentle, will be extremely beneficial to your body.

On the first set, do 10 repetitions, 15 on the second set, and 20 on the third set. You need to complete three rounds of each of these for the ideal effect.

Single leg lift: Lie flat on your back with your knees bent. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and flat on the ground. Now extend your right leg, making sure you keep your back straight. Push with your left foot to lift your hips from the floor. Lift and lower your body in slow motion. Repeat with the other foot. Do this four times with each leg.

Reverse crunches: Sit flat on the floor, your legs extended in front of you and place your hands on the floor behind you. Leaning your upper body backwards, lift your legs about 10cm off the floor. Tighten your stomach muscles, twist your hips slightly to the right before bending your knees and bringing your knees to your chest area.  Straighten your legs and bring your knees up to the left side. Repeat five times with each side. 

Hollow body press: Lie flat on your back, your legs straight and your arms by your sides. Slowly lift your shoulder blades and your legs from the floor at the same time while pressing into the ground with your lower back. Try to keep your legs as close as possible to the floor and feel how those abs are working.

Plank with a difference: Start out in the high plank position and make sure you keep your torso still. Placing your hands in line with your shoulders and your shoulders in line with your hips, draw the left knee to your chest. Now lift your right hand to lightly touch your knee. Continue by swopping legs. Do this as fast as you can without bending your back. Repeat five times with each leg.

Squats: Stand upright, your feet slightly wider than your hips. Slowly lower your body while bending your knees. Push your hips backwards to lower into a squat. Your legs should be in a 90degree angle. You can raise your arms in front if you feel that you need them to balance you.

Double leg core lifts: Lie on your back and raise your legs slowly towards the roof to form a 90degree angle. Your arms should be stretched out by your sides for stability while you press your lower back into the floor. Lower your legs slowly and make sure that they do not touch the floor. Then lift your legs again. Repeat ten times.

Lateral core lunges: Stand up with a straight back, place your feet together, and keep your arms at your sides. Now take a big step to your right with your right foot. Then, while pushing your hips back, bend your right knee while keeping your left leg in a straight position before bringing your fists together in front of your chest. Now reverse the action and repeat with your other leg while you keep your stomach muscles tight. Repeat 5 times with each leg.


It is better to adopt a healthy training program and lifestyle from a young age. Healthy eating habits are difficult to maintain. It is not easy to resist an extra slice of cheesecake or a second milkshake, let alone a huge helping of fried potato chips.

The key to a change of a specific lifestyle is moderation. Slow but sure wins the race, and it is better to have realistic goals in mind and stick to them than dream up the impossible and give up on day two or three. Tell people about your goals. That way you will be less inclined to chicken out. Who know, you may end up having an exercise or diet buddy that can support you through difficult times.

Changing a habit is easier said than done. I know.

Winters are the worst for exercising as it is nicer lying in the warm bed than getting up and getting going. Some people find that it helps keeping tab on their goals, for example a goal weight. Making notes as the weight disappears is usually a motivation to keep going. It also helps if there are family members or friends that can support the person with the goals.

The important thing is to keep the goals realistic, and to keep going. Never give up.



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