Skincare For Gym 💪

Gym goers may notice a change in their skin over time, mostly detrimental if supplements are used in excess.



One of the biggest culprits of causing skin to break out, is whey powder when used over an extended period. The possibility is that it is due to added sugars in the powder, but it is most likely because of the hormone IGF-1 in the recipe. IGF-1 makes the body produce excess oil which clogs pores. Whey powder is used when wanting to lose body fat or for those that are trying to gain muscle.

There are some protein powders that do not cause acne. If your skin is affected when using whey powder, try collagen, hemp or pea protein. They are available at all health stores.


If you are allergic to dairy, whey powder is a no go zone, as the use of it may bring on various symptoms such as rashes, swelling of the tongue or in worse cases it may trigger a deadly allergic reaction. If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is best to stop using it immediately.


There are other ways to look after your skin when going to gym. It is important to use the right gym towel to wipe away sweat and impurities during and after gym. Try not to wear makeup during gym sessions, and always wash your face with clean water after completing your session. If the bathrooms are full, toner pads can be used to wipe away the sweat. While exercising, make sure that your hair is tied back if it is long. Do not keep touching your face while exercising as you may transfer germs from the equipment to your skin, mouth, eyes or nose. If you suffer from redness in your face after a workout, you can use ice or aloe gel to assist with this. We will discuss all the above points below.


A frequently asked question is whether exercising makes already bad skin worse, or healthy skin bad. Exercising is most definitely healthy for you, but there are some things you need to do to protect your body when visiting the gym, and when your exercise routine is over. Other gym goers may not be fussed about hygiene, but it is important to follow a few simple rules when attending a place that is covered in germ-infested bodily secretions. Yes, yucky if you think about it, isn’t it? A gym is one of the bigger breeding grounds for germs, and it is good to be aware of it.


Drink a lot of water while and after training as this keeps your body and skin hydrated. Do not wear any makeup because it will go straight into your open pores. This is a natural occurrence from heated skin, especially when exercising. If you must wear makeup, find a brand that is non-comedogenic. The word comedones literally means clogged pores. If there was not enough time to remove your makeup before a workout, you need to take extra care after the workout to make sure that you remove every drop of it from your face immediately when you are done exercising. Believe me, you will regret if after a few weeks if you do not remove it fastidiously.


Cleaning your skin after a workout is important. I cannot stress this enough. This procedure will remove impurities like sweat and bacteria and help your skin to cool off. Gentle cleansers instead of water can be used if preferred before applying a moisturizer to you skin. There are various other items on the market that can be used to remove impurities. If you are a lover of toner pads, make sure you use the ones that are pre-soaked with glycolic acid, especially if you suffer from oily skin. Consult a salesperson regarding which one is suitable for your skin when making this purchase.


Using the right towel while drying your face after exercising makes a big difference. Do not use one that has not been washed since your previous gym session. Bacteria are just waiting to jump back onto your skin. It is proven that medium thickness towels work best. After your training session and a proper face wash, make sure that your skin is not completely dried off. That way, when you apply moisturizer, it will lock the remnants of the water’s micro droplets into your skin.


Hair hanging in your face while exercising may lead to oily skin, or styling products on the hair itself may clog your pores. This leads many to the question of sweatbands: are they good or bad for a person? This is a two-pronged fork as it may keep sweat out of your eyes while letting bacteria into your forehead underneath the material. Make sure that you clean this area very carefully if you do wear a sweatband while exercising. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

As seen in recent studies on the Corona virus, touching your face constantly poses a great risk of transmitting any diseases. The same is applicable when you touch your face while doing a workout, hence transferring germs from people that used the equipment before you did. You will not even be aware that you transferred germs or bacteria to your face from your hands, but the effects will eventually be evident.

Sucking on ice while doing a workout will greatly reduce a flushed face. The hard palate of your mouth has a built-in temperature receptor, and it will turn off the redness in your face. It will also keep your dry mouth moist.

What does your face feel like immediately after you washed it? Dry? Then you have a dry skin. The same goes for normal, oily or combination skin. This is the easiest way to determine your skin type.



The most easily identifiable skin is, of course, oily skin, which feels oily within two hours of washing it. Look for a shiny area around the chin, forehead and nose. The best way to clean your face after a workout is to use products containing salicylic acid. This will penetrate the open pores and rid the areas of excess oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. When thicker oil under the skin gets congested, and is unable to come to the surface, acne forms. Salicylic acid will also bring relief in such cases.


People with dry skin need to invest in a decent moisturizer. Humectants, a substance in certain skin lotions will reduce the loss of moisture. If you have a combination skin, which is normal skin with slight oiliness around the forehead and nose, you can use a combination of products to clean and moisturize the 2 different areas. Normal skin basically means that there are no oily patches around the nose, chin or forehead areas. People with normal skin tend to have little or no breakouts during gym sessions.

If all else fails, please visit a registered dermatologist to assist with any breakouts.


Here is a section on helping with different types of specialized soap for different types of skin as it can sometimes be tricky to know which one to buy.

Suitable for all skin types, Turmeric & Himalaya Herbals Neem soap comes highly recommended as it is proven to build immunity against bacterial infections and acne.  Turmeric is known for retaining elasticity in human skin. This soap can be used daily and smells great!

Natural Lemon Soap by Khadi contains lemons, essential oils, glycerin and tulsi and is rich in vitamin C. It is also suitable for all skin types.

Turmeric & Sandal soap by Santoor is an affordable medicinal soap and aids acne sufferers while reducing itching. This is a miracle soap, even if I have to say so myself. Sandalwood contains antioxidants and this is a complete nourishing bar for people with oily skin.

Lemongrass & Jojoba Gel Bar from Fiama Di Wills is a refreshing bar of gentle soap with antimicrobial benefits and seaweed extract. This is ideal for sensitive or dry skin.

Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body soap by Biotique is made from a mixture of musk root, walnut, pure orange oil, margosa, orange zest, a soap nut and turmeric. This is an exfoliating soap that will do the job without disturbing the skin’s pH balance. It is expensive and is ideal for oily skin.

Organical makes a Bentonite Clay & Rice Flour Deep Cleansing soap that contains powerful ingredients that will remove oil from an oily skin. It is expensive but highly effective.

Clear Face Cleansing Bar for sensitive skin by SebaMed will effectively reduce blackheads and pimples while deep cleansing your skin. It is expensive but highly effective on oily skin.

Oil-Clear & Glow Soap Bar by Pears is an excess oil reducing gentle bar that is ideal for daily use. It is affordable, and ideal for oily skin.

Herbals Coconut & Cucumber soap made by Himalaya, a refreshing soap made up of turmeric, cucumber, coconut oil and extracts of grasses can be used on all skin types.



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