WHITEWOLF is a fitness apparel & accessories brand and online retailer based in South Africa, with an increasing presence on social media and followed by thousands of individuals based in many countries.

Founded in August 2018 by the two brothers, Gavin and Kyle van Rooyen, WHITEWOLF has exponentially grown in the past few years, while both Gavin and Kyle were (and still are) busy with their respective degrees at university. This growth sprouts from an inextinguishable passion for fitness and a need for international quality fitness clothing, available at local prices.

Withing a year, the brothers have led the company to be one of the companies with the greatest social presence in South Africa, collaborating with celebrities and influencers all over the country.

WHITEWOLF will soon be expanding to international markets and are ultra-focused on expanding the brand to heights never seen before.

We believe in working hard towards the goals you want to achieve. We believe that every individual should be able to unlock their true potential and we will provide them with the clothing to do so.

Never stop working. Feed your hustle.

WHITEWOLF is led by:

Gavin van Rooyen - Co-Founder
Kyle van Rooyen - Co-Founder




WHITEWOLF has built its foundation on producing quality clothing. We will focus on maximizing the quality, so that you can focus on maximizing performance. Quality guaranteed, always.


We like to refer to our family as the "wolfpack". Our family includes individuals from all walks of life, but a common denominator is that our family hustles like crazy to bring their passions to life.


We aim to produce clothing, content and all things otherwise that has never been seen or done before. We don't follow, we lead. You may call us the Alpha now.


We work together with our wolfpack to create and design content and clothing that is mind-boggling. Our creativity is what sets us apart from the rest of the herd. Create always.